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Default Re: 'Imperial Culture' (non-canonista)

PanSoph-Fteirle . Or just Softeirleianism.

The belief that the Fteirle code is universal and should be adopted by all Sophants. It is different from the actual Fteirle code in that it has more of missionary tradition. It has also adopted some more human-like notions, notably a pantheist cosmology. Some Aslan heroes are considered to have semi-divine status.

Aslan react to this with varying opinions. Some are pleased, others are angry. Most are just rather amused. Many note that all this has little to do with the REAL Fteirle code.

Softeirleianism must be distinguished from the phenomenon of humans going native; often these have never heard of Softeirleanism.

This belief is naturally unpopular in areas where Aslan are traditional enemies.

This is not a widespread faith. Many humans find the whole idea annoying, noting that humans are already the greatest warriors in the galaxy and need no lessons from furry posers.
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