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I was about to say that the 11 quirks are unreasonable but then i read them... Perfect.

Ok we got both of you done on sheets both look good. i will go over them one more time and then get to posting.

As for wealth money does not matter. So that why i just said write down what you would reasonably have.

So for a starting city, I did not hear much on that So I gonna go with generic small town on the east side of the rockies. so that is east of seatle. I will put you in and around the area of Wenatchee WA/Moses lake area. this area of WA state has good weather. It has all four seasons. It gets hot in summer, cold in fall, frigid in winter, and all over the place in spring. There area is known for migrant workers, apple orchards, Pear orchards, Berry farms, and other various fruits. There are some dairy farms in the areas but not like in California.

On this map is a location of all the military bases in WA.

Right below the word washington there is a lake area. That is where we will be starting. In that area is the Columbia River. it is pretty major river and around this time of the year it is lower in depth. All the snow has melted by now and has run off into the ocean. There are two major Dams in Wa. Grand Coulee and Rocky Reach. Grand Coulee is the larger of the two.

The major cities that are near you, are Yakima, Kennewick, Spokane, Walla walla, Moscow, and Lewiston. There are three major passes through the the rockies that you would have accesses to. Snoqualmie, Steven's, and Blewett. All of these passes in the winter get heavy snow. Steven's pass has been known to get at least 25 feet of snow.

So that is a run down of the area we will be starting in.

AGAIN! this game is very drop in and drop out friendly anyone else who wants in after start will not have a hard time getting in!
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