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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

Originally Posted by JCD
Let me ask you this. If a Belseraph of Valpua were able to create an in depth background, with all related documents, computer records etc but without any human interaction, would there be a role? Let us be a bit more specific. Gnash the Djinn, has to come from someplace. He wants to be from a little town in Kosovo which isn't anymore. So, he has a fist full of documents, a passport etc. Everyone else from that town is dead or dispersed. All he has is paper, not relationships.

Role? No Role?
I'd say "Role/1, at best". Pages 112-113 of the Liber Servitorum indicate that documentation of a Role is secondary to actual interaction with people, but the documentation is also required to fit the Role into the Symphony.
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