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Default Re: [vessels] how to manage role

Originally Posted by JCD
To the second. You raise a fair point. By garnering all the attention from varoius people, he probably WOULD increase his role. After all, that is the position I am arguing. Suddenly having a bunch of tax officals, hangers on, lawyers, and lottery officials noticing you are alive would increase "belief" in people (albeit with some pointed questions regarding social security numbers).
But that's actually my point - unless the Role was prepared for that sort of scrutiny, a bunch of those people probably wouldn't come away with an increased belief in the person's reality. The tax officials would be suspicious over some of his income sources (got a few thousand bucks from a celestial Superior for a mission, spent the remainder on personal comforts), the journalists would have questions as to his backstory ("He says he was in university for four years, a decade ago. But which university? And what degree? And why can't we find any college buddies or anything?"), and the neighbors might start realizing that there were odd gaps in behavior ("Every few months, Bob gets kinda dumb, and forgets he knows people. Weird." I.e, the celestial has to go somewhere else for a bit and gets a gremlin/reliever to maintain the Role for a bit). And so forth. All these sorts of thing will make people question the Role's reality, and that leads to degradation.

In this sort of situation (a Role suddenly comes under a lot of public scrutiny), I'd make a roll against the Role level, and let it upgrade if the roll was made, or downgrade if the roll failed.
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