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Default Re: World War One Psychics [Powers]

Yeah unless the AH psychic program doesn't bear fruit until Hostilities start, I can't help but think the AH empire will use this ability to massively influence international politics in their favour to the extent that WW1 will likely not happen!

the AH empire's population in 1914 in approx 53m at 0.1% of population that is 53,000 psychics with an average of 50cp on Psychic advantages.

Now I'm guessing some will have more useful powers than others and that some will have more CP than others. But that is a massive advantage, especially in world where such powers are not recognised.

(I know the OP stated assume the events running up to WW1 still take place, with those protecting the arch duke being asleep or the like. But the reality is even if the Archduke is killed in Sarajevo, AH with this advantage will still likely be able to head off a costly war and come out on top)

EDIT: i also think Transylvanian nationalism will become more of a thing.
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