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Default Re: New GURPS Hardcore Battle system (fan made)

Ok, I think I see what you are trying to do here. Trying to slow down combat, and slow it down in such a way that the weapon you are using matters, are both commendable goals. And the penalty point mechanic is a decent way to do it. I have a couple of observations though:

Your PP curve is too steep and tied solely to weight. The dagger can attack five times faster than the axe -- that's a balance issue. Twice as fast I could see. Three times I might hee and haw with. Five times? too large a difference. You need to also consider the ergonomics of the weapon, and the movement the arm has to perform.

Most combat should probably start the battle with BP. This is probably what gurps calls the ready manuever.

This system is related to 'The Last Gasp'. It won't do everything you want, but its worth looking at.

Also, folks with access to a broadsword don't go for short swords unless there are very specific reasons for it. The one army that I know of that did it (rome) used it in very very tight fighting where the longer length of a broadsword was a liability.
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