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Default Re: Game of Thrones [Req.Social Advantages]

Originally Posted by combatmedic View Post
I had assumed that the GURPS editor or writer who picked the name was thinking mainly of the ordinary use of 'social engineering.' It means a deliberate, planned, large-scale attempt by a government or other entity to alter the thoughts and habits of the people.
Yes, I'm aware of that meaning too and I suspect that the book will also cover propaganda and other forms of mass communication and manipulation. Therefore it seems the title is triply meaningful, which is why I think it's playfully appropriate as long as book covers:
  • Social worldbuilding. The GM as social engineer.
  • Personal communication in order to achieve a goal. The hacker, con-man, interrogator, salesman et. al. as social engineer.
  • Propaganda and mass communication. Governments and other powerful entities as social engineer.
then the title will be very apt.
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