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The party retraces their steps to the previous junction, and goes the other way.

The corridor takes less time and distance before it opens up to another area. This appears to be an entrance lobby, where an actual door (bolted from within) is closed to the north. This room is heavily stained with blood and viscera - lots of people got gutted here and the cleanup was incomplete. Flies are swarming around.

The other tunnels out of this area go northwest and south.

The south tunnel soon turns into a steep, narrow, upward-sloping staircase where people can only walk single file. From the bottom of the stairs, one can see the ceiling and a back wall...and not much else, thanks to the angle.

The northwest tunnel looks like a lot of dead bodies were dragged into it from other parts of the caves here, leaving behind dried blood in the typical wide and rough pattern. There's a turn into a fork (two ways, one way is right into another room) not far up ahead, no doors.
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