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Default Re: [RPM] Altered Traits

Originally Posted by momothefiddler View Post
Well, you're right that that's not a science. Distressingly so. It seems that if I was the GM, there'd be few, if any, spells that were just Effects, since there are few things that can't be built with the spell modifiers and advantages and I guess I tend to think in those terms more than not.
Try not to be too harsh. Any flexible system like RPM is going to be more art than science even though there is a clear framework - this is a feature, not a bug. Ask yourself when designing a spell "Is this paying for it twice?" and that will usually guide you to the answer.

Originally Posted by momothefiddler View Post
Also, I'm curious. Haste (T:RPM 44) uses the Altered Traits spell modifier to give the target +1.00 Basic Speed for 20 energy. Is that necessary to allow the subject to control the movement, as Ghostdancer pointed out,
That's a passive trait, so no.

Originally Posted by momothefiddler View Post
or could that spell also have used the Speed spell modifier to give the target a static B.S. of 10 for 4 energy?
Or perhaps that merely gives a Basic Move of 10 and you should also add a +2 to Dodge for another 4 energy?
Nope, you're boosting someone in a manner that doesn't require the caster to concentrate on it. Using the flying example above, you'd need to take Concentrate maneuvers for Greater Control Body to "TK" someone around, whereas if you gave Altered Traits, Flight you don't (and it's under there control).
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