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Default Re: How do you name your dragons?

I don't limit my dragons to "hard" consonant sounds, but the sounds I avoid are "explosive lip" sounds ("B" and "P", basically). Humming sounds ("M") are also rarely used, but may show up from time to time, likely from loan words.

The only dragon I've ever actually had a name taken from Hinduism: "Hiranyagharba", though now that I attempt to say it from the back of my throat I end up with "Hiranyagharda", so I may change it in the setting document.

The dragons in my setting don't really have their own language - if they do, they don't keep written records of it - preferring to converse in local tongues. The kobolds and lizardfolk in the setting, however, speak a common language (or a bunch of related dialects/languages) I call "Draconic", which the dragons find a lot easier to speak than the other languages because of similar throat biology.
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