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Default Re: "Living City" play or a Road Crew for TFT?

My current D&D DM has been running some DCC modules and passing out DCC Road Crew SWAG. Even though I've been gaming since '79 or '80, this was the first time I had direct experience with a Road Crew. I did do a little Living Greyhawk back in the day, and a *very* little Adventurer's League.

I wish I had a bunch of the bookmarks that are part of the Decks of Destiny kickstarter right now - I'd love to be able to hand them out at my FLGS(s).

I have to get back to 3D printing some terrain - I want enough to be able to set up the rooms from Death Test. I'm almost there - I think I have just one room left to finish (one room with one *really* big obstacle). That Melee playmat with terrain on top would have nice visual appeal.
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