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Default Re: "Living City" play or a Road Crew for TFT?

Another Cheesehead TFT player! Woot!

I don't have a lot of experience with convention games, but I think this would be a grand idea. I missed out on GaryCon this year (work-related) - there was a Thursday evening TFT game that I wanted to get into, too.

Once my son gets home from college, I'm going to try to bribe him to go with me to my FLGS and play some Melee/Wizard. They had a copy of DFRPG for a while, and have a copy of Ogre on the wall, so they're SJG-friendly.

I haven't been there since TFT was released, so I'm not sure if they have it on the shelf. Going to try to get there Saturday and check it out.

But, back to your point - I'd love to see a reason for the local game shops to promote TFT more, and draw more people into the game. Structured play is definitely one way to accomplish that.

So I'll add my $0.02 to yours, and together, we'll have $0.04!
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