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Default Re: Conspiracy "everyman" skills

Originally Posted by Skarg View Post
It seems odd for that list to be something everyone would have, even members of a cabal. It looks more like a good useful skill list. It seems like the only requirement would be the social skill that represents knowing how to behave and be discreet (savoir-faire or streetwise), and perhaps at least one of the other skills (or possibly just a useful advantage).
Well, it's a skill list for Cabalists who are going to survive and thrive, not just tread water or get devoured by qlippoth. In short, it's a list of skills for PCs to meet the challenges they're likely to face in a Cabal-focused campaign, and shouldn't represent the skill set of NPC Cabalists so much. It's also more a tool for me to refer to when building templates than a handout for players to build PCs from scratch.

Anyway, here's an updated and still unpolished list:

For violence and its consequences:
  • Brawling, Knife, and/or Gun.
  • Running
  • First Aid
For investigation and cover ups:
  • Current Affairs, Shadowing, Diplomacy, Interrogation, Intimidation, Observation, Scrounging, Search
For infiltration
  • Stealth, Forced Entry, Acting, Fast-Talk, Climbing
For occult goodies:
  • Occultism, Research, Hidden Lore
For general use
  • Savoir-Faire or Streetwise
  • Driving or Riding

Additionally, the following skills should be known by at least one PC in the group or they should have a Contact who can give them access to these skills:
  • Acting, Mimicry, and Disguise, for impersonations
  • Computer Use and Computer Hacking (if at TL7+) to get information from networks, remove information, or plant false data.
  • Administration, Electronics Operation (Media), Propaganda, and Writing (Action 2, p. 26)
  • Forgery
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