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Originally Posted by WaterAndWindSpirit View Post
I believe you can spend time looting equipment for a force you destroyed/captured, and looting your own destroyed elements for 20% of the cost to raise said elements, assuming you are not forced to leave early.
That probably works alright in terms of abstract monetary resources (salvaged gear can be sold or repurposed), but not so much for using it to maintain a force with reduced logistical support. I'd say that, against a properly maintained enemy force, destroying or capturing them allows you to claim between 50% and 100% of their current supplies (depending on how similar the units involved are). "Current supplies" will depend on how long (up to the GM) it's been since the unit has had a formal resupply - this will range from between 20% (scheduled for a resupply in the immediate future when attacked) to 100% (in the middle of or just finished a resupply when attacked) of the unit's Maintain cost. Note that if the unit is resupplied more frequently than monthly, this will be a fraction of the formal Maintain cost (if they get 4 resupplies a month, the most you can get is 1/4th the value). The GM may opt to adjust this based on how long the battle took to resolve (a long battle will consume or even destroy more supplies than a short one). Capturing/destroying a logistics unit will base the amount gained off of the Maintain cost of both it and the unit it is supplying.
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