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Default Re: WTT Chris. Tavern of Trading (... of doom)

Promocards for trade / sale:

… of smiting!
Awful Green Thing
Battering Ram
Boa Constructor
Cash Cow
Caster Oil
Charlie Horse
Charlie Horse (signed by Charlie Bussey)
Cloak of Anonymity
Clockwork Dragon
Curse! Bring along a third wheel
Curse! Cat Nap
Curse! Schooled by Mr. Fanny
Curse! Shadowcat
Curse! Unjustly accused!
Cut in line
Death (signed by Gary Bamberger)
Ear Worm
Eat a worm
Exit, pursued by a Muskrat
Fairy Dust Up
Feet cheat
Flower Power
Foot Soldier
Frankensteins Mobster
Game Mechanic
Get promoted
Ghost Hands
Go down a level - GUAL
Go up a level - GUAL (Dragon Art)
Grin and Tonic
Hipster Hireling
Hireling: Das Mustache
Hostile Jester
Lie to your own webcam
Lighter of smiting
Lightning bolt
Loose Canon
Man in the moon
Merchant Hireling
Mistakenly Modified Moop
Mourning star
Mug the shopkeeper
Mug the shopkeeper *sepia*
Mystic correspondence *sepia*
Nativity Scene
Oil Derek
Outwit tio rico
Pegasus Steed
Play a GUAL Card - GUAL
Pub Knight
Robin Hoot
Sand Witch
Santas little elvis
Scroll of secret door detection
Seasoned Greeplings
Shop at your friendly local game store
Sir Francis Bacon
Stacked Deck
Start a Munchkin Legend
Step and a half *sepia*
The last laugh
The last laugh *sepia*
The Luggage
Touched by Cthulhu
Tower Shield
Tower Shield *missprint*
Twisp & Catsby
Vension Bension
Wand of Dousing
Water Resistant
Zombie Hireling
Pegasus Steed *sepia*
Stacked Deck *sepia*
1/3 Breed *sepia*
Ultra Munchkin *sepia*
Cheat with both hands *sepia*
Portable hole *sepia*
Reloaded Die *sepia*
Hostile Jester *signed J. Kovalic*
Exit, pursued by a Muskrat *signed J. Kovalic*
Shop at your friendly local game store *stamp*

Flash Gorgon
Sidekick: Space Family Peralta
Khan Artist
Trap! Panic!
Super Munchkin (Star)
Space Goblin
Weirdly bearded
Ship to my loo
At loggerheads
Professor Teslas Electrical Protective Device
Swiss Passport
Duck in Black
Phlegm Fatale
Train Training
Grass Sword
Duck Holiday
Cultist *Goomie*
Evil Ted
Cultist *Kovalic*
The stars are cruel
Whim of the elder gods *promo*
Cult Membership card
Cult Membership card *promo*
Whising Ring *Cthulhu*
Embrace the madness
Igor Ichor
My little Cthulhu
Mi-Go Mind switch
Trade character sheets
Miskatonic University Honorary Degree
Monstrous Heritage
Research Assistant
Madness Pyrophobia
Curse! Shuggoth shuffle
Pumpking King
Grouching Tiger
Banzai Tree
Mook: Hidden Muskrat
Made in HongKong
Sidekick: Awesome bear
Disaster! Duck Season!
Disaster! Alpacalypse!
Monster by Mail
Penetrate Alien Disguise
Asplode their heads
Hello Carrier
Jawbone Radio
Bear grills

The wisperers *body art*
Axe Cop *signature*
Axe Cop *no signature*
Dead Wood
No Guts, No Glory
Pitcher of cheap beer
Zombie Santa
Blank Door/Treasure Set w. url
Curse! Dead two rights

By the hoary hosts of hoggoth!
For the emperor
Risotto Groupon
Nightmare *Treasure Hunt*
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