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Originally Posted by ammulder View Post
Aha, we seem to have found the ideal candidate to test the app in detail! :)
Oh thank you ! :-D My almost unique way of seeing things & my attention minute detail does have it's uses at times . I've often been known to test vehicle design construction in games & computer games to breaking point !

Originally Posted by ammulder View Post
You can CA the driver and gunner with the option for Crew Compartment CA (assuming you have a driver and at least one gunner). I thought it was not legitimate to CA crew and passengers together. There probably should be a way to CA a passenger area, though random subsets of passengers on a bus or something may be harder to handle. A cargo area is less clear; I guess you'd have to designate the number of spaces you want to protect?
Component Armouring Drivers & Gunners together has been no problem . As far a I know , CA for both Driver & Passenger is legal : The main character drives in Car Warriors comic drives a Gas Engined Camper , & that design has CA around both the Driver & Passenger/ 1 space Cargo IIRC ? I'll have to to dig my copies out to have a look . From ADQ&A it is certainly legal to CA Cargo Spaces - so long as it's not used as a damage sink in AADA events . As you said , implementing those options could be tricky though .

I'll get back to my designing on CG - only a backlog of about 830 vehicles to go ...
Five Gauss Guns on a Camper !!!
The Resident Brit .

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