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Default WTT Chris. Tavern of Trading (... of doom)

Looking for:

Celebrate Munchkin Day (GUAL)
Hobbled Goblin (

Munchkin CCG
- Day of Wreckoning Promos: ToteBag
- Posters from Events etc.
- Munchkin CCG Preorder Holiday Greeting Card
- Regionals: Judge Playmat

-the official munchkin party pack bookmark of birthday bashing- 4th
- WH: Sigmar Bookmarks

Stuff i REALLY want: trading with huge rewards or $$$
- Heart of the Anomaly
- Rollback promocard
- Munchkin Sherpa
-Chibithulhus (all execpt for: Zombie, Santa, Halloween, Regular Green)
- TGTBATM Playmat

PM me for a complete list of over 1700 items (Cores, Boosters, Promos, Bookmarks, Accessoires etc.)

nearly every booster, most sealed, some without the blisters, but unplayed (stored in Monsterbox)

- Flower cashes in Playmat
- Munchkin Apocalypse GAE (missing Board)
- Cards from Munchkin DICE + Rulesheet
- Munchkin Tavern 2016 Menu Card
- Munchkin Tattoos 2015 Edition
- +6 Bag o Zombies
- Munchkin Crusade Veteran 2014 Button
- Munchkin Crusade Veteran 2015 Button
- Munchkin Crusade Veteran 2016 Button
- Munchkin Quest Jumbo D6 Red
- Munchkin Quest Jumbo D6 Grey

- Holiday Button (German Xmas Edition)
- Tavern 2014 Button
- Munchkin Cthulhu Release Veteran Button
- Coaster: Tavern 2014
- Coaster: Tavern 2013
- Coaster: Flower / Gazebo
- Coaster: Spyke / Plutonium Dragon
- Coaster: Tavern (M: Quest)
- Silver Piece 2014
- Silver Piece *BLUE*
- Munchkin Messenger Bag *sealed*


--> Check out everything about bookmarks and promos!

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