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Originally Posted by PK View Post
I was asked to pop in here and answer questions about Area Effect vs. Explosive, but I'm having a very hard time puzzling out exactly what the issue is and questions are. Can anyone summarize the actual questions for me?
Hey PK,
Thanks for chiming in. I will try to clarify the issue. According to the new RPM book (p.17) external damage is x3, but if it is explosive it x2. I guess that the intent here is that explosive does more damage to more targets. So far, so good.

The problem starts when you throw Area of Effect into a regular external, blatant spell. That build ends up being cheaper and does more damage to more targets, than the explosive version of a similar spell. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Fire Spell #1: Greater create (6) energy, (8) damage (external and blatant) does 9d6, range 20 (6), area of effect 10 yrds (8). total energy 28x3= 84 energy

Fire Spell #2: Greater create (6) energy, (16) explosive damage (external and blatant) does 10d6, range 20 (6). Total energy 28x3= 84 energy.

These two spells have the same cost. However, spell #1 does a full 9d of damage to every target within 10 yards. Spell #2 does 10d but tapers off to nothing after 3 or 4 yards. Furthermore, if a caster throws Spell #2 at a target, and the target dodges, that target only takes about 3d of damage. With Spell #1, a dodge won't help you unless you make it out the 10 yard AoE.

It just seems to me that an explosive effect that is supposed to be more powerful than regular external damage, ends up being a lot weaker when you throw in AoE to that regular external damage spell. Just as an aside, the way that we dealt with this in our games is to not allow blatant, external spells to have an AoE.

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