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Originally Posted by Jerander View Post
Try Weakness with enough Reduced Time to reduce the rate of of damage to instantaneously. Or, if you want to give the spirit a moment for a dying blow, 1-HP/sec (or more).

PS: Excellent setting. Nice work!
Right, that should work, though your phrasing confused me for a bit. Thanks.
Originally Posted by Figleaf23 View Post
This is simply fabulous world-building! Kudos, Prince Charon -- really nice work.
Thank you.

Have been thinking about things that wouldn't fit in the main posts, but would be useful to know, especially if anyone wants to cross this with Infinity. First of all, the psychic magic of this setting has no dependence on mana level. Instead, it depends on Sanctity (Thaumatology pp68-69, and the boxed text on p126), which varies a great deal with the type of spirit. Unless intentionally created, there are no true 'no sanctity' regions on these worlds, in the sense that even if you can't contact spirits, you can still create them, just without any outside help. There are, however, regions that are effectively no sanctity for specific types of spirits. Such regions are often high sanctity for some other type of spirit.

For example (and thanks, samd6):
Originally Posted by samd6 View Post
By request, I'm crossposting some of my stuff from the spacebattles thread.

I just realized reality-earth's big edge. We have the internet.
We have widespread, powerful information systems. We have data transfer rates measured in Gigabytes/seconds, use far more of the EM spectrum, and use it more efficiently.


Internet elementals!

Hear me, o spirit of Spacebattles.
Your servant humbly requests more DAKKA!
That I might smite my enemies
With biggatons
And drive others insane.

Hear me, Google, Wikipedia, and Wolfram
For I have a question and seek answers

TvTropes, please
Tell me a story

Okay, figure out the spells and powers available to people with Power Investiture(Internet). The powers probably relate to the purpose of the site, so people who use the thoughtforms of Google and other search engines get information based powers, etc.
Major 'Net cafés and other popular hotspots will tend to be high sanctity for Internet spirits (very few, important ones, generally related to DARPA and the Arpanet, will be very high sanctity), while less popular ones, as well as locations where just one person communes with the Internet regularly would tend to be normal sanctity (even if you also eat and sleep there). Most modern cities and towns on OTL-Earth will be at least low sanctity, while areas where you can't get reception at all, and aren't connected to a phone line would effectively be no sanctity for purposes of calling the spirits of the Internet.

On the other hand, almost totally the opposite is true of many Nature spirits, who tend to prefer virgin wilderness, or at least a nice park. Central Park in NYC would tend to be low sanctity for both, though it's probably easier to summon Nature spirits there at night, when 'the animals come out', simply because that type of phrase and/or attitude has been used so much. For specific Nature spirits, like nymphs, one tree, one hill or mountain, one river or lake, one section of an ocean, and so forth, would be normal or high sanctity, because she is the Nymph of Mount Parnassus, or the Nymph of the River Rubicon, or the Nymph of that one oak tree - very high sanctity requires a powerful nymph, and tends to be confined to a small area, like the summit of Mt Parnassus. River & lake, hill & mountain, meadow, and sea nymphs tend to be more enduring than tree nymphs, though even they can be harmed by damage to their domain, or sickened, corrupted, and/or driven mad by pollution. Interestingly, some very old canals and other artificial formations may also have nymphs associated with them, though they tend to be less wild - that doesn't mean they're friendly, though, especially if their domain started out polluted.

In terms of actual mana levels (as that's going to matter to the Cabal, at least), Steampunk Earth and OTL Earth are mostly low mana with variations, including some spots of wild mana - but they don't seem to have had this for very long (possibly only since the Event), and have no native mages or magical beings. Dieselpunk Earth seems to be mostly no mana, except for a few spots with other varieties, and Fantasy Earth is ironically a completely no mana world. Clockpunk Earth is weird and dangerous: it's a very low/wild mana world. For those who don't know, wild mana (Thaumatology p59) means that every success is a critical success, but every failure is a critical failure - actual critical successes and failures can be quite spectacular. Very low mana, on the other hand, gives a -10 penalty to spellcasting. See what I mean by dangerous?
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