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Default Re: Five Earths, All in a Row

By request, I'm crossposting some of my stuff from the spacebattles thread.

I just realized reality-earth's big edge. We have the internet.
We have widespread, powerful information systems. We have data transfer rates measured in Gigabytes/seconds, use far more of the EM spectrum, and use it more efficiently.


Internet elementals!

Hear me, o spirit of Spacebattles.
Your servant humbly requests more DAKKA!
That I might smite my enemies
With biggatons
And drive others insane.

Hear me, Google, Wikipedia, and Wolfram
For I have a question and seek answers

TvTropes, please
Tell me a story

Okay, figure out the spells and powers available to people with Power Investiture(Internet). The powers probably relate to the purpose of the site, so people who use the thoughtforms of Google and other search engines get information based powers, etc.
James Soltis Wilda
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