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Default Re: Concerns about the Gate spell.

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Hi all,
Perhaps the most abused spell by industrial magicians is the Gate spell. There were several threads about abuses of this spell on the Brianiac forums. Most involved perpetual motion machines or high energy weapons.

An example: Two gates mounted directly above and below each other. A bolder is placed on the bottom, the gate is completed and it starts dropping thru the gates (bottom is linked to top), picking up more and more energy as it falls. When it is at terminal velocity a NEW gate is cast on the lower surface which connects it to a gate pointing at an enemy city wall. Directed meteor spell.
It's way worse than that because of gate rules. You don't need to cast then right then and there. Plus, you can have a set of gates in the middle with the rule that when you say"fire at X" the gate which will result in the most accurate trajectory to X within 15 seconds will transport the boulder.
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