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Default Which is hosed in TFT? Wizard or Hero?

Originally Posted by zot View Post
I don't recall ever seeing this "-4 for not being a wizard". Are you talking about iron interfering with magic?
Hi Zot, everyone.
The rule is on Advanced Wizard page 10. The rule says a non-wizard can cast a spell...

FROM MEMORY – Like a wizard, except that memorizing the spell "costs" you 3 IQ points and you will always cast that spell at DX –4. Wizards will never know many spells.

This is a permanent penalty which adds on to the –4 DX for wearing iron.

Wizards get a LOT of advantages over heroes, which include:
-- Wizards are not punished for learning talents but heroes are punished (-4 DX) for learning spells.

-- Wizards learn talents at x2 cost, heroes learn spells at x3 cost. (Exception: some talents that wizards like are x1 cost.)

-- Experienced wizards are more powerful than experienced heroes.

-- Wizards have powerful, hard to get spells for elder characters. Heroes can not get powerful hard to get talents for the elder game. (Exception the Unarmed Combat talents if you want to dump armour and weapons.) Steve Jackson has acknowledged this, but pointed out that elder heroes are able to improve by buying magic items. So... advantage heroes??? Not really.

-- Wizards can craft magic items which is the single greatest way to boost your power, (or make a lot of money). Heroes can't.

-- Alchemical potions (which requires a wizard) are more powerful than Chemist potions (which don't).

-- All spells fit into one memory slot, where as most powerful talents take 2 or 3 memory.

-- Spells in a series (1 hex fire, 3 hex fire) fit into one memory slot. Talents in a series (Thief (2), Master Thief(2)) require separate memory slots.

-- In the new TFT wizards get a MAJOR buff by being able to spend experience points (XP) to improve their staff. The corresponding buff for heroes is...

Basically, in every case where you can compare rules for heroes and wizards, the heroes are worse in TFT. Generally my experienced players would far prefer to play a wizard in my campaign. The players are pretty good about taking turns playing the more fun characters.

EDIT: Actually this used to be true, but it is less so now. I've added some awesome, kick ass, hard to get talents, which make heroes more competitive with wizards. The extra interest of gaining these talents in the elder game has improved interest in the non-wizard department.

Warm regards, Rick.

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