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Default Re: Should all spells be equally easy to learn?

Originally Posted by CJM View Post
I think this is en excellent idea. It works for the many reasons stated above in this thread. keeps things simple. What I like about your take on things JLV is you "cut to the chase", and find a simple solution to a potential problem. There has been some really good ideas in this forum that fixes the few problems that TFT had. Anyway nice job...
Why thank you sir! You're very kind...

Originally Posted by zot View Post

Another point on your side of the argument, though, might be that talent costs don't increase with IQ, so spells shouldn't either.
That's an easy fix though -- make the XP cost to learn new talents something like (10 XP x number of talent points) x IQ Level of the Talent. So your 2 point talent at IQ 14 would cost 280 XP for a Warrior type, and 560 XP for a Wizard. A one point talent at IQ 8 would only cost 80 XP (though the Wizard would pay 160 XP).

Now everything is run the same way, and no relationships between the spell and talent costs are changed, other than the fact that low IQ talents/spells are cheaper than high IQ talents/spells -- which is what folks were saying was a concern about just having flat-rate costs for everything.

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