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Default Re: Role of archers in low-tech parties?

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
That's rather surprising.

I mean, considering that real people are using real warbows of 180-200 lbs. right now. Made out of yew.

And if that's not ST 20, well, what is? Those are the heaviest bows used, whether you measure selfbows or composite bows. And from the best Douglas Cole and I can measure, using the Basic Lift tables, it is ST 18-20.

Ok then scale it up then. Anyway, how heavy are the 200lb draw bows? They can't be 3lbs like the one in the books (or are they)?
Anyway I'm not privy to the mass to mechanical energy formula. I'm not even sure if those Warbows take 1 second to draw. Do we know how much time did the person take to draw the bow? Given that its a 200lb draw, a ST15 (45lbs BL, 90lbs with two arms and Back are part of the pull) would be able to generate 180lbs of pull in 2 seconds.

GURPS assumes a 1 second draw which is BLx2-ish. Although we don't really have solid evidence that draws were made using just 1 second or 2.
10 Shots per Minute means 6 seconds per shot. Makes it plausible that the archer uses 2 seconds to generate "work" needed to draw the 140lb bow per shot.

Assuming on 2sec Draw
ST11, 96lbs
ST13, 135lbs (1d+2 pi; most common draw weight; strongbow perk, ST11, Bow DX+2)
ST15, 180lbs
ST17, 230lbs

ST11, 50lbs can be achieved in a one second draw.
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