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Originally Posted by Johan Larson View Post
A work of art that celebrates following convention or the guidance of your elders rather than youthful dreams.

A work of art the celebrates unity of background or purpose rather than diversity.
I did something like this when my Zone London characters visited Zone Washington, and tried to find out what was going on by pulling local TV feeds. One character

spots that nobody ever seems to mention not having a job, or having to look for work. He looks for signs of institutional racism and doesn't find any, but there does seem to be a slight bias pushing women into subordinate roles - not a huge thing, but it's certainly more of a distinction than he's used to in Britain. The two major forces that have square jaws and kick down the doors of evildoers (often "black marketeers" or "black zoners") are the FBI and the WASPs; the latter have bigger guns, and often robot partners. (And when the maverick cop is taken off the case and goes it alone, he usually gets killed and his buddies solve the problem through conventional police methods.)
I pinched that last bit, I think from a Mick Farren book, but I don't now remember which one.
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