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Default Re: Unarmed vs. Knife

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
Committed Attack, double step to move from his left front hex to his left flank hex, and from there into close combat on his left flank side. He's at -2 to defend from the flank and can't defend with the knife (though whether you can arm lock his weapon arm from his position is debatable; I'd defer to people with real world experience).
IRL, Finger/Wrist locks are doable from the opposite flank, but you won't be at the right angle to properly leverage the elbow or shoulder.

If I ended up on the knife-wielder's left flank, I'd probably be trying for a foot trap of some sort or maybe a strike to the side of the knee. I for sure would be trying to continue my movement and not just hang around in range of the knife that is inevitably going to be coming for me.
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