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Originally Posted by Gnome View Post
All the more reason to use Karate! Kicks have Reach 1, so if you step into his left-side hex (after slipping into the left-front hex on his attack), you can kick him without fear of being hurt on the parry.
You know, I hadn't thought of that, but it does work to keep the knife out of play for parrying. It doesn't stop him from doing a retreating dodge to put you in a different hex for his next attack, but you can rinse and repeat your initial tactic.

So if our hypothetical barely-realistic-highly-skilled martial artist has ST 13 and Karate at DX+1 at least, and he's wearing boots, he'll kick for 1d+3 cr, or an average of 6.5 points of damage. It shouldn't take many of those to ruin Mr. Knife's day! In fact, if knife guy has only 10 HP, that will be a major wound and a likely fight-ender in just one hit (especially if that hit was to the face, for a -5 to the stun check, or to a limb or appendage for a crippling blow).
I think targeting the leg here is much better than the face. With only a -2 to hit and a major wound on average damage, it seems like a no-brainer. You should also have some room to throw some deceptive attack in there.

I'm getting more and more convinced that messing around with grapples is a waste of time. Karate guy should be able to kick the s**t out of his knife wielding opponent without too many problems (assuming knife guy is your average HT10 ST10 skill12 mook).
I'm going to need to read some more on this, but that might very well be the case in GURPS, which is a shame since it really doesn't work out like that in Real Life.

On the other hand if the knife guy is also highly skilled...he should probably win the fight, since he's armed and the martial artist is not.
Agreed. What stinks in this case is that the Knife Fighter doesn't get a +3 on retreating parries because his weapon isn't a "fencing" weapon.

As far as I'm concerned, if the Knife Fighter has Karate, Judo, or Boxing in addition to Knife, he should get the footwork bonus for a retreating parry.
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