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Could a substitute label for the talent of: INTERROGATION, work the same way, *and* side-step all the delicate issues related to TORTURE?

... perhaps with a line of copy stating: "... specifics of Methods and Techniques of Interrogation being left to player and GM ingenuity and taste.".

And what would we balance that talent out with to determine how well a character can hold-up under and resist Torture... I mean *nondescript INTERROGATION techniques*?

IIRC, I think TSR's TOP SECRET RPG *may* have dealt with this issue the same way... not sure.
There's no attribute that represents willpower but we should have a way to represent it for situations like that, a decent way to represent resisting fear, etc. I've suggested using the character's middle-valued attribute as a stand-in for "life experience and general capabilities," abbreviated as "M". So 3/M would be 3 dice vs the middle-valued attribute. M has a range of 8 to 18 (from a human with ST 8 DX 8 IQ 16 to a halfling with ST 4 DX 18 IQ 18).

(If you wanted to make experience factor in even more, you could add the number of attribute points a character has gained after 32-points to M, putting the max range at 8 to 26, which is closer to the max range of attributes)

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