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Default Re: [AtE] Condition of Highways

Originally Posted by robkelk View Post
There's a reason we like snowblowers... <g>

(Yeah, that's "m" as in meter, not "mi" as in mile.)
I would probabaly kill myself (not in rage or anything, from exaustion or mishap) if I tried to do the driveway via snowblower.... No. I have a tractor for that, and even then its sometimes not enough forcing me to beg the neighbor across the street with his 4wd tractor to bail me out (I am looking at you 55cm snowfall just past new years!).

I suppose this is still on the topic of roads- but a dirt/gravel road can actually be maintained for 'safe' 60km/hr travel with a good grader. However it takes a skilled welder and materials to build a good grader (my current efforts of just tipping the tractor bucket and dragging the driveway work, but not 'good grader' well).
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