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Default Re: Weird War II - Avalon?

A suggestion: Alan Garner's books 'Elidor' (1960's schoolkids do the Mabinogion) and especially 'The Wierdstone of Brisingamen' reference British legends in a (then) modern way.

The legend of Alderley Edge is included, where Arthur and his knights sleep until needed, while an agent (possibly Merlin) finds white horses for them, and possibly recruits more worthy knights to sleep 'under the hill' until needed: recalled from memory, 'when England's mothers weep, they shall ride forth, and in a battle thrice won, thrice lost, upon the plain, sweep the enemy into the sea'.

By the entry of the USA into WWII, we could say that most of the knights have already fallen in the fighting, such as the Battles of France and Britain.

Recruits are needed...
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