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Default Re: Weird War II - Avalon?

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If one brings in Merlin, I'd recommend sticking to Ritual Magic, making his powers more subtle then flashy. ...And as a counterpoint, perhaps the Nazi Thule society's own love of ritualism isn't just a PR stunt, meaning that Merlin will be too busy countering Thule Sorcery to do much more then hand out the occasional bit of help to the PCs.

Speaking of the PCs, avoid bringing in the whole Round Table back with Arthur. The PCs are the new Knights of the Round Table, handpicked from the best of the best in the Royal Armed Forces, to form an elite fighting force capable of dealing with whatever the Axis Forces can dish out. Sort of a WW2 British GIJoe...
Well, it's true that canonically with Malory, it was Arthur alone who was taken by boat to Avalon by the ladies that included Morgana, and most stories that bring back the other knights tend to do so through reincarnation. Of course, the PCs could all find that they acquire the Reawakened and similar advantages in the course of the campaign... but apart from that possibility, the main candidates for survival are Arthur himself, Morgana, and Merlin, trapped in the tree bole or whatever by Nimue or Vivayne.
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