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Originally Posted by tHEhERETIC View Post
A joke? Grrrr not funny. He doesn't say it, but it's written on his face. Ryuki clearly hopes someone else steps in to this conversation, but the two Warbees have a sudden fascination with the fried zucchini on the table. "You know," he says, barely audible, "every time you say that I take it as a challenge."
"A challenge to what? You make it sound like I've said something like that before and I have not, so stop exaggerating. Should I take a page out of your book and say that since I don't feel I have a reason to apologize I'm not going to? I could and I should, but I won't. I realize I hurt your feelings and that was never my intention. I apologize for that. I thought you knew me better than that. I was wrong. I apologize for that oversight."

Originally Posted by Puck View Post
Mitch snags a chip and nods at Kyle "Marc's yes. Man, not so much, last I checked they don't have six eyes." He watches Ryuki and Sunae trade barbs "Come now, you two are friends or at least teammates. Lets have fewer ruffled feathers."
"I agree with Mitch. This is not the time or the place and things have gotten awkward. I'm so sorry everyone. I can feel myself getting agitated so I will remove myself from the situation."

She gets up and gives everyone a brief nod before going to the bar. She sits at one of the stools and orders a cranberry juice.
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