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Originally Posted by Jim Kane View Post
Well, it is not my game I am concerned about Chris; it is the game run by future neophyte GMs and Players, who, if they all end up taking this talent - and at IQ8 and 1 point, what newbie could resist - will miss out on so much added drama, tension, and fun.

It is those people I am concerned about with the inclusion of such a talent at such low IQ and cost.

If I was forced to include it in the rules-set, I would make the talent reflect *years* of specialized training, and seriously raise the IQ requirement *and* the cost - so it would be very rare among members of an adventure party.
I agree and posted earlier that I think if such a talent simply removes the need to ready a weapon, then it is mainly removing an interesting element of play for those characters.

And, I generally dislike all the things that remove elements of play. (e.g. High DX - yay, I almost always hit everyone I attack. Magic healing - poof, no one needs to rest. Magic Light or Dark Vision - poof, no one needs to worry about lighting. Magic Food - poof, no more food supply issues.) It makes improving your character make interesting parts of the game go away.

And, it shouldn't just remove all meaning from having your weapon ready or not. It should still be better to have a ready weapon than not.

Seems to me a DX penalty for attacking on the turn you fast-draw something would tend to work well. There could be levels of mastery that reduce the penalty, but I'd never have it go away entirely. Maybe start at -5 or -6 for the first level of the talent, and let people dump points into it to reduce the penalty.

Of course, there should be some consideration for the type of weapon. One or more of the classic "TFT is broken" articles was about people abusing the fast-draw ability included in Thrown Weapons to have people with many boomerangs, nets and bolas using them every turn (sigh). Can someone quick-draw a crossbow, load and shoot it in one turn? Can they fire a bow twice per turn?

Also, should the talent apply to all weapons, or do you need to train it in each weapon type, as in GURPS?
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