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Default Re: Designer's Notes for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG bonus content

Originally Posted by Refplace View Post
Really? Sorry than. Never actually played or ran DF so I thought this is what PK was referring to.
I just mine ideas from the series.
Well there's nothing wrong with mining ideas from it, I do the same with a lot of other things out there such as wanting my Holy Warrior to have the Blessed: Armor of Faith from GURPs fantasy as a Holy Might ability. But yeah, Bardic Talent is definitely Magery but before DFRPG it didn't give a bonus to skills like Musical Composition, Musical Instrument, or Singing. So it's now both a skill and power talent from what I can identify.

Side note, Bards are my favourite class in ANY RPG setting. Holy Warriors are my second favourite in the Dungeon Fantasy setting.
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