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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (IC)

Originally Posted by Rocket Man View Post
Kane Kineman
Somewhere in the "Inland Empire"
Kane sighed, slung his guitar, slipped the card into a shirt pocket.

Crazy or not, he had his marching orders.
Thursday night
The nonstops from Ontario to San Francisco were sold out Thursday evening, so he had to connect through LAX. The common wisdom when connecting through LA was to stay on task, not wander around the airport more than you had to.

Kane would see a uniformed pilot hurrying to Gate 11--the same one written on Kane's ticket. A careful man, he walk-ran in the middle of walkways, where anyone with ill intent would have plenty of witnesses. He didn't look like he needed the precaution though. He wasn't very tall but he looked beefy under that uniform, like he could take on anyone who tried to storm the cockpit.

On the plane Kane would hear a Disturbance from the tail section of the plane. Before he can react, a male flight attendant would lean over him with a cup of water. "Relax, angel. It's just the Wind." He winks at Kane, lays a blanket over the sleeping passenger next to him, and moves on.

Originally Posted by Andygal View Post
Ida Harris
A studio apartment in a San Francisco suburb

She pockets the card, and slides the scroll in her purse and prepares to venture out.

[I hope my SFX were OK?]
((SFX were fine--it's an Archangel. Sorry I didn't answer sooner, but I failed to subscribe to my own thread!))

Friday afternoon
Traffic in San Francisco was busy as usual, but the BART was reliable as usual. It was an orderly town as befits an angelic stronghold, orderly but with creative freedoms carefully defended. It was a safe place for an angel or anyone else who didn't quite fit in.

Ida would arrive at the address on the card around 3:30 that afternoon ((unless the player has other ideas!)). It was a high-rise office in a good part of town, respectable enough for rich clients but sensible enough not to be wasting money on a ritzy address. The address was for the 6th floor, a "Pacific World Bank."

Once the elevator doors open, Ida would find herself in a tidy office, tastefully decorated and buzzing with activity. The secretary is young, early to mid-20's, but smart and professional.
You'll notice that on one wall are articles about the company's history from various magazines. Prominently displayed is an article from a minor finance magazine entitled "Splitting Heirs". The subtitle reads "for every Paris Hilton frittering away the family fortune is a dozen young men and women defying the old adage and growing their legacies" Cut and framed from the magazine are two shots, a half page featuring a very flattering photograph of a young Asian man and a blurb about a Russian merger, crossreferencing the other page on the wall. In that page is a reasonably good looking Russian man about the same age, and a blurb identifying him as "Pavel Ivanov".
The pictures of the bank's owners, Ryukawa Watari and Vladimir Ivanov, suggest two very stern men.
The secretary notices Ida and addresses her with practiced friendliness. "Hello ma'am. How can we help you?"

Originally Posted by ladyarcana55 View Post
She smiles

"But it is good to see you again. How have you been?"
Earlier that week
"I'm well--very well. My transfer to War is official now, not just on loan anymore. By keeping me officially Friend of the Unseen, Michael had someone who could not be spied on and Janus got kept in the loop about Michael's project. Now that that's over, I'm training. Used to be I could beat traffic. Now I can beat most opponents on the field. Not a bad trade-off.
"As for 'John Wyatt'...well, that head injury means he's on disability, until further notice. So I keep the role and don't have to put in hours. Just fly where I want to fly." His expression tells you that 'want' is the wrong word here. "I see you're still working. Still a helluva good cook--you did cook this, right? Hey, as long as you enjoy the work...otherwise I've got a food budget I really don't need. Unless Gabriel-Soldekai have good use for you at Chinese restaurants..."
Criminy...these two have enough issues, they can sell subscriptions! (ladyarcana55, in a PM)

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