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Default Re: In Nomine: the Pacific War (IC)

Originally Posted by alexondria View Post
Zahirah would smile and give Corat a hug when he delivers the letter to her. "Thank you, I would be honored. I assume since you're delivering these that their will be a chance to catch up with you as well and find out how you have been doing?"
"Yes of course! I'll have to be a little careful depending on which mundanes are around, but yeah, looking forward to catching up."

Originally Posted by ladyarcana55 View Post
Sunae is at work and she took a break to talk to her friend. She hands him a bowl with fried rice and various meats, and of course, chop sticks.

She looks at the invitation in his hand and she doesn't take it

"Are you serious?"
He takes the food gladly, even though he doesn't need to eat. He scarfs down a couple of bites before speaking.

He was only half expecting that answer. "I'm afraid so. If it's any consolation he didn't write it--in theory it's a surprise party. His father and Scott and I put together the guest list, and neither of them had any beef with you. I just thought you should be invited, since the rest of the team from that day is. If you don't want to go..."
Criminy...these two have enough issues, they can sell subscriptions! (ladyarcana55, in a PM)

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