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Default Re: Power Creep in newer Munchkin games?

Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
Power creep does tend to make the game less interactive, in my experience.

People sometimes get SO powerful, SO quickly, that nobody even bothers trying to stop them from winning combat because it is basically impossible unless you have one of the few, powerful cards that auto-stop the combat.

I mean, sure, I could toss down my +10 to Monster, or Curse away an item, but when the person is already winning the combat by 20 power AND has one-shots they can use if needed, it seems like a waste of resources to try (until there is literally no choice, and they will win otherwise), especially if they also (as they often do) have things that make it VERY unlikely that they will suffer any Bad Stuff.

Probably we need to change our play style, and just start bashing people from the very beginning, not letting them win ANYTHING if we can help it, but that sort of unrelenting nastiness isn't a play style we enjoy.

Don't get me wrong, we still enjoy playing, even if it seems to come down to luck of the draw who wins, rather than feeling like anything we do can have much effect. It's just some good, silly fun.
The trick to this is a balancing act. You want to make sure you are attacking them enough to cause them to burn cards, while still saving the truly evil for later fights. You let them win some, but time it to hit them at critical points and now allow them to get the big powerups.Force them to blow the illusion on a level 1 monster, etc.

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