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Default Power Creep in newer Munchkin games?


My group of 4 friends have been playing Munchkin Adventure Time (and the addon set) for nearly 2 years every week, sometimes twice a week, now.

It's always great fun and quite balanced in a way. A sort of "Meta" established itself and a lot of different tactics, we all love this game.

Aside from Munchkin Adventure time we've tried one of the normal Munchkin sets, but were not fans of the artstyle present on the cards and the fact that treasure and door cards were not colorcoded that well as well as general setup of the cards and the display of their stats.

We've bought Munchkin Rick and Morty a week ago and we've also come to like it as much as we liked the Adventure Time one.

But one thing we noticed is that you get "OP" really fast in Rick&Morty. The game is flooded with +3 and higher treasure cards and we've found ourselves sitting at 21 strength with only being level 5 before one-shot bonuses.

Also, we've found that once it's time to stop a level 9 player from reaching level 10, it's incredibly easy to power up a monster with one shots, as there is incredibly powerful ones compared to the maximum +10 (or +20 with Glasses of Nerdicon) with the Bakers Shard in Adventure Time.

Also what's sort of strange in Rick&Morty is how many "swap X amount of cards with the player to your left/right) and there is a lot of traps that f**k you and another player to your left/right over, while "meta" combat ender cards are scarce. I mean cards like Wand of Disbursement, Cosmic Owl or Prismo.

Anyone else feel the same way or is it maybe just us having played literally one set for the past years?
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