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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

Yuria: "What? No, we don't control of the Portal. That's more energy and equipment than we can carry with us. Mission Control will deliver the portal near us, but until then, we're unfathomably far from home. The astronomers are still figuring out how far."

Yuria: "It'd be nice if we could send signals back. I'm going crazy without my feeds. Five thousand people is not enough to generate any sort of proper media stream. Its just the same old stuff from last week. There's no news. Just us and a stale copy of the web."

Olive has a thought cross her mind, something about teenagers, wifi, and camping. And another about soldiers and isolation. And another about Mud Huts. But this women is older than Olive, and technically still has connectivity.

Yuria: Don't worry about the food. I'm sure they packed more than enough.
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