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Which very important information to disseminate. The current market for GURPS supports art-light B&W PDFs, mostly on the short side . . . and GURPS is alive and well in that form.

Everybody has the right to their preferences: hardback, softback, or PDF; color or B&W; art-heavy or art-light; 256 pages, 128 pages, 64 pages, or shorter; and so on. However, "GURPS done according to the precise preferences I enjoy" is a subset of "GURPS." From the perspective of someone whose entire income has depended on GURPS for 23 years, it's distressing when the failure to meet specific preferences is spoken of as death. That leads to the sort of rumor that can put a guy out of a job.

Yep. Nothing prevents that. Lots of stuff on our site can be shared this way the news here, for example.

Digital publication and social-media sharing are just realities of living in the current age. Reluctance to adopt may be a sign of a graying market, with all that implies.
Is there any chance we can see continued DF RPG support (for the box set) that is digital or POD? Or because we aren't going to see another printing of the box set and since it's almost sold out mean that we aren't going to see any more support specifically for the box set?
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