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Default Re: Report To The Stakeholders

Originally Posted by Žorkell View Post
If DFRPG failed, despite being amazing and all that, what hope is there for future hardcover releases for GURPS?

Is GURPS dead (not dead dead just mostly dead)?

These are questions that popped into my mind soon after reading the news about DFRPG in the stakeholder's report.

It's just frustrating and/or annoying to be here some time after the release of this thing that was supposed to be amazing and be hit with the news that it failed.
It failed to meet its commercial expectations, it still had high sales volume, coming in at #6. I think we had an uptick on new people on the forums this year and it did generate some buzz.
As for hardcovers, while Discworld coming in at #35 was probably good news for it indications are that hardcovers are a losing proposition and going away for awhile now.
But that does not mean GURPS itself is dead.

Originally Posted by Owen Smith View Post
Which is my basic complaint. Part (only part obviously) of the reason other products don't sell as well is they aren't being pushed as hard.
I doubt the Illuminator will make much difference, if your reading it your already a SJG fan. So its good to hit things we might otherwise miss but not at getting new people.
Though and I am embarrassed this just occurred to me, we could retweet or share on Facebook. I checked and it has the buttons.
Marketing is however expensive and the time and money spent on it needs to be focused where it has the best ROI.
I would like to see more but cant blame them for not spending more money on it.
Some ideas though...
An annual GURPS kickstarter, or perhaps generic RPG item like cardboard heroes or Monster/Treasure cards. Even if its a PDF only GURPS release its still marketing. I could see the boxed sets we talked about for other genres or maybe a setting release. Perhaps even backers choice in a vote for one of these settings thing.

Some 15 minute or so video clip about GURPS on the Youtube channel.
Maybe the GURPS News or an unboxing type video discussing that months release plus the Pyramid. Fans could share it and that would generate more buzz.
I subscribe to it but its mostly Munchkin.
But with 2,882 subscribers it should not be ignored. Every new release should get some love there, as it spreads the word to SJG fans of other products. I'll add such items to the Digital Spec thread.
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