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For an ongoing game set just inside Chihuahua, Mexico, on the US-Mexico border, the PCs have Mission Control located in the US (El Paso, TX), two elements of pre-inserted intelligence support in-country with direct communications access to them* and a security/exfiltration element comprised of DEVGRU operators, who might or might not be set up on the Mexican side.

So far, there hasn't been much opportunity to discover whether or not the players like the NPCs in question. Well, they've encountered about 70% of those who might be on the other side of the comm link in play before and, off-screen, at least one PC knows them all, but there hasn't been significant interaction with them exclusively over the comm link in play yet.

*Though SOP is for all communications to go through Mission Control except in cases where the PC team lead or someone else with the authority to override SOP activates an emergency plan which requires direct communication.
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