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Originally Posted by Bayarea View Post
Ok so S 25 D 15 and I 15 is 55 for your character to get to 56 pts he needs 10,000 exp, no job roll will do it, wishes would bump the DX and IQ but that's beside the point. So for that one point you have to kill on your own 137 7 hex dragons that takes more than one game session. DT, DT2 or Orb quest usually got 250 to 300 Ep per character if you went through it all. So 40 DT2's to get a point somebody is going to roll triple damage and that is the end of that character.
You really need to re-read the Experience section of the rules -- it's on pages 10 and 11 of ITL, and discusses the many ways that XP can be earned. Last time I checked, XP were cumulative, so sure, "no job roll" will earn you 10,000 XP, but every little point counts, and over time you can accumulate a lot of XP. Still, you're entitled to your am I. More importantly, I think you're forgetting, or ignoring, the ways in which attribute bloat, even at mild levels, tends to skew the underlying systems, but sure, whatever. Finally, who cares if it takes more than one game session? If you play long enough, it can still happen, and "time" isn't the issue here. I note in passing that you still seem to be focusing on XP for kills, almost exclusively, though.

Originally Posted by Bayarea View Post
We had this discussion over on Brainiac Joe Hartley's site (thanks for keeping TFT alive Joe) and most people never got a character over 65 without some fudging. Rick Smith who is on this forum and has written more house rules that the original published rules (thanks by the way Rick) has had a campaign going for years and has stated that there just aren't a bunch of 80-90 point PC's running around. For every Conan there are a thousand corpses that didn't make it or took one chance to many.
Yes, I was there for those discussions. And I still disagree. So there's that. There's also the the fact that you just tacitly conceded that there HAVE been a few 80-90 point characters running around, and that the occasional Conan the Wizard DOES come into play...

Originally Posted by Bayarea View Post
TFT at least the way we always played it was much more lethal, one of the reasons I hated D and D was after a certain level you just couldn't get killed. Even a St 43 guy can be killed by a hoard of people, unless your GM is allowing so much armor a great sword can't damage him. In that case it is a style issue not a game issue.
I think we can all agree that it's quite lethal. I think we can also all agree that some people get lucky and move their characters forward without dying, occasionally. Especially when, as noted earlier in this thread, they are running multiple characters at the same time (which TFT lends itself to doing). The bottom line is that while my experience may be "anecdotal," so is yours. And my experience has indicated that it IS possible to "break" the system through attribute bloat. And that it really only takes one character to do it. So everything you say can be quite true, and still not change the issue of attribute bloat being a potential game breaker. I'm sorry you feel that I'm exaggerating a minor or even non-existant problem for some reason, but that doesn't actually persuade me that I'm wrong or inaccurate in my concern.

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