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Originally Posted by ak_aramis View Post
I've always preferred TFT to GURPS, as well.

It's been about a year since I broke out a T&T solo... Only a few weeks since last look at the rules.
I liked TFT a lot, but I found it broke over time when you tried to do certain things --- many of which GURPS fixed. As a result, I suspect most people added extensive house rules over time...

The most important for me were:

- Fighters who could defend themselves and still attack. I really loved Runequest and later GURPS having a parry rule. My House Rule added post-GURPS: in TFT, a parry is (half adjusted DX) +3. The TFT defending option increases this by +2; a shield adds +1-2 instead of stopping hits.

- Making talents easier to buy. It wasn't really cost effective for a Hero to blow 2-3 points on IQ to get useful talents. My House Rule: Talent cost talent points. Heroes get talent points = (IQ-5) x 2.

- Death: A bit too easy. My House Rule: You die at -10 HP, and bleed out until bandaged at 0 HP. A standard rule from the era.

- Mages and ST: There's something to be said for the elegant rules as written, but allowing mages to buy an "magical energy" talent (every point spent on it gives you 3 points) or some such can avoid Conan the High ST Mage. If doing so, however, suggest capping missile spells at 3d maximum...

My dream option would be to not only have the existing TFT system reprinted, but also an "Updated TFT" rule book that incorporated some rules similar to these, while otherwise retaining its simplicity.
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