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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

And it's the best official announcement I've ever heard! Way to go, Steve!

I can only hope that you'll have the time and inclination to republish all eight of the games again. TFT is still one of the best fantasy RPGs out there, and back in the day it was giving D&D a run for it's money for a couple of years there (until Metagaming closed its doors, anyway). While the market is very different nowadays, I still see plenty of room for TFT; it's the only game even today where I can get someone who has never so much as even seen a FRPG before up and running in five minutes. There's a LOT to be said for something like that.

I still prefer to play TFT to GURPS (sorry, Steve, it's just that TFT is almost intuitive, where I have to spend a lot of time in the rulebooks with GURPS), and I still think the Melee/Wizard games as intros to the systems was the smartest move any company ever made, even if it was possibly inadvertent! It's what actually made TFT "intuitive" for most of us back in the day -- we already knew combat and combat magic inside and out, so all the chrome in AM/AW and ITL was just icing on an already well understood cake!
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