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Default Re: Memorable Quotes.

Background: the party has been translating a book that has listed every disaster for the last 120 years, with location and number of deaths. They just came across the one they witnessed only a few days before, and there are only about twenty entries left. After deliberation, they agree to translate the rest of the information. The last line lists 12/21/17 with almost eight-billion deaths—the end of the world. The game is currently in March 2017 (March 14th, specifically).

Jasmine (OOC): “Wait, seriously? December 21st?”
GM: “Yeah, why?”
Jasmine (OOC): (trying to stifle as much laughter as possible)
GM (and other players): “What’s so funny?”
Jasmine (OOC): “Come on, it was yesterday.” (no recognition) “It was a Thursday.”
GM: (Facepalms)
Other players look amongst themselves in confusion.
Jasmine (OOC): “I guess we'll never get the chance to get the hang of Thursdays . . ..”
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