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Default Re: I don't understand the limited print run...

Originally Posted by Mister Ed View Post
I'm curious where you get the "$160 minimum". It seems like you can get into the game by spending a lot less than that, so I'm assuming you have some kind of personal criteria for what constitutes "actually" buying into the game.
For sure, I do have a "higher than average" minimum. The $160 number comes from 1 of each starter, and 1 booster box. It's nowhere near enough to ensure that I will have every card, but it would at least be enough to ensure that I have sufficient cards to build a solid deck, if not the top tier deck, of whichever class I get the best cards from in the booster box.

I'm not necessarily looking to have a full playset of every card (although I VASTLY prefer that model of release for this style game), but I want at least a reasonable chance of getting enough cards of a deck type which I hope one booster box is sufficient to achieve.

Edit: It is entirely possible that buying the starter decks may not be required -- I don't think we have confirmation that there will not be heroes in the sets, or confirmation that there will be heroes in the sets.

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