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Default Re: Blunt Trauma and Skulls

Originally Posted by jacobmuller View Post
So, 10 damage from a fall v's DR16 rigid helmet and DR2 skull... No damage penetrates but the fall means helmet is counted as flexible. For such cases, I should just take the innate DR from the damage first, not the worn armour first, then find BT injury penetrating the armour based on the remaining damage? 10-2/5 = 1HP lost?
Exactly. Blunt Trauma Injury is based on the amount of damage stopped by flexible armor. If you have DR 2 rigid and the rest is flexible, then at most, you'll be stopping (damage-2) with flexible armor.

Hmm, doesn't he get shot in the forehead and pass out in one movie? That might be Knockdown but it requires a Shock penalty and that means injury... Poetic license sucks:)
Yeah, but that was a magic^H^H^H^H^Hadamantium bullet, so it got to do whatever it wanted.
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