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Default Re: "100 Years Ago Today" - Car Wars News

Could be the one type of grenade that is not yet in the system...

Malodorant missiles kick up a stink

"IMAGINE being hit by a smell worse than anything you've ever encountered. It combines the reek of sewage with pungent rotting meat. It is nauseating, and so intense that you rush for the door... Stink bombs do not cause injury, but the intense, unfamiliar foul smells affect the amygdala and trigger an unthinking fear reaction that causes the target to flee... Among them is the US Navy initiative for malodorant grenades, which can be thrown, or fired from a grenade launcher. The aim is to... deliver a payload that could clear a 5-metre-square room... It remains to be seen whether malodorants will be effective for combat, or whether simple countermeasures, like gas masks, could neutralise them... In [the] future war really will stink."
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