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Default Re: The Fantasy Trip

I'm not entirely sure what thread to put this under, so I'll resurrect this one from the long ago to do it:

Dark City Games has just released their latest adventure; Echoes of the Old Ones, which is actually a three-adventures-in-one mini-campaign. As usual it is expressly designed to work with TFT and GURPS (they specifically state that in the game booklet), as well as with their own set of rules Legends of the Ancient World (LAW).

I just got it today, so I haven't had a chance to run through it, but it looks pretty good at a first glance (and without spoiling it by reading through the numbered paragraphs). Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, it even seems to have a possible tie-in with HP Lovecraft -- which is a bit unusual given that it's set in their mythic continent as usual (see Fire in the Streets for details of their campaign world).

Anyway, just thought I'd let this crowd know that a new solo adventure (which you can also play with a GM and friends, of course) is now on the streets.
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